Godfather 700R4/4L60

Level 3 700R4/4L60 – Rebuild – Rated to hold up to 700HP


  • Mad Dog Reprogramming Update Kit
  • Mad Dog Shift Kit
  • Raybestos Z-PAK with 13 Clutches (Replaces Factory 5 Clutches in the 3-4 Drum) the Z-PAK also has Specialized Heat Treated Steels That Withstand Much More Heat
  • All Raybestos High Temp High Energy Clutches Throughout the Rest of the Unit, All New Steels, Band, Bushings, and Rings
  • A 500 Boost Valve, 10 Vane Pump Rotor (The Reason we run a 10 Vane Pump Rotor and not a 13 Vane Pump Rotor is Because the More Vanes it has in it Weakens the Rotor)

All Mad Dog Transmissions are completely rebuilt and come with a Master Overhaul Kit which includes:

  • All New Lip Seals
  • All New Gaskets
  • All New Teflon Rings
  • New Filter
  • All New Steels
  • All New Bushings
  • All New Raybestos Clutch Discs
  • All New Sprags

This transmission can also be setup for pulling and towing (no extra charge).

We also use 4140 hardened pump rings, TEFLON pump bushing, a 29 element sprag, Sonnax wide-open throttle valve, over-sized hardened sun gear shell (which is three times thicker than factory) hardened input shaft and drum, hardened output shaft and all planets are cryogenically frozen, 4 pinion planetary gear (which has also been cold-freezed to withstand big horsepower and torque), high-temp Pro-series, Kevlar band and a Billet servo ( the Billet servo has 30% more holding power, to give you that full throttle shift without burning up the band. For full competition use only)

However, I highly recommend running a Corvette servo if you’re going to drive the vehicle every day

We discard the oem factory, plastic accumulators and run Sonnax aluminum accumulators to ensure a quality shift every time. This transmission can also be setup for pulling and towing (no extra charge).

For full manual valve body add an additional $395.

If a Liftgate is needed at time of delivery a $25 fee will be billed to your credit card.  Core Charge is $400.

  • Free Converter and Shipping
  • Color choices available on checkout
  • Installation and extended warranties available on request
  • This is a factory rebuilt transmission with upgrades

NOTE: Let us know what type of shift you want. We can custom build each valve body for your application.

  • Stage 1: is a factory shift
  • Stage 2: has a nice crisp shift and at wide open throttle it will put you in your seat
  • Stage 3: is for that Saturday night special. Be warned stage 3 shift is very violent

Installations are available on all our transmissions. These transmissions are a direct replacement for your GM vehicle. No modifications or custom tuning necessary. The 700R4 is a true, 4-speed overdrive transmission and does not require a computer. Our units offer great performance and better gas mileage. If you are looking for an overdrive transmission for your old-school vehicle, we can do the complete installation or send you our conversion kit.